How to Date Multiple People?

I recently had a long relationship end and I am dating again. While I've dated a few guys at a time in the past, I always tried to narrow it down to see what happens after 3-4 dates or so. Is this the best way to casually date or should you try to casually date for longer if the other party is interested in it?

Another question is what to do about guys wanting to have sexual activity so soon into dating? I don't want to engage in sexual activity other than kissing with more than one guy at a time. Does that mean no more than 3-4 dates, even if you aren't sure who to go steady with?

I know that "go steady" is a ridiculous phrase, but I'm not really sure what the stage between casual dating and commitment is.


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  • if you want a relationship, don't keep dating a million people

    • I'm not sure how someone knows they want a relationship with someone after only meeting them 3-4 times. The gray area between meeting someone and knowing you want to commit to them and vice versa confuses me.

    • you need to first think abot what traits and type of person you would POTENTIALLY want in a relationship. you need to know what type of partner you want. if you don't know that there's not relaly a point in dating for anything but sex.

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