Is he playing mind games or just not interested?

so this guy messaged me on fb and then we started texting and I invited him to a cruise in. then we started hanging out more often and he kept dropping hints. one day he told me he was starting to really like me. he took me out on a few dates and spent half of his birthday with me. he has introduced me to his family and we have literally everything in common. he is out of high school and I am a junior in hs. he asked if I had gotten my lunch pass so he could take me off campus to lunch. but today I got a random text from him basically saying... hey you are really awesome and I love hagnin out with you, but I can't really see us. I don't want to screw up our friendship cause your fun to be around, but I can't exactly see us" immediately I took this to heart, but my mom pointed out that I never actually told him I liked him back and I haven't even done anything to threaten the friendship. someone please help me make sense of this!

haha turns out, he was just scared to make any moves because he is 19 and I'm almost 17. he finally asked me out and we couldn't be happier!


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  • He's just playing with your emotions

    He's not sincere