What could these actions signify? GUYS experienced females please Help!

Been seeing this guy for about a month.

Typically I spend the night at lease 4 times out of the week. Most of the time its per his invite. I'd say 25% would be the percentage of the time I actually asked to come over.

The majority of the time I go over we cuddle, watch movies and go to bed (no sex) its kind of a 40/60 thing. I like that I can just go over and not feel as though I'm a booty call. Did I mentiom I'm allowed over even when on my period.

He isn't the best texter but if he hasn't heard from all day after I leave he will eventually text me to see what I'm up to and if I want to come over.

I have met his friends and he has talked about things involving us in the future not necessarily relationship wise but in a pathetic way it gives me the idea maybe he is in it for for the long haul. He tells me things like "I'm not sharing you" but won't tell how he feels. And that (because we aren't exclusive) he talks to other females but only has sex with me ( which is a bit different in my case, for I still look at it is I'm single)

I got pretty fed up with him the other day because he leaves me in the dark on where his head is and how he feels, so after a novel of texts he finally comes out and tells me he likes and he would care if I stopped talking to him. Needless to say I have no idea just how genuine that is or he doesn't want to lose me because of the sex?

What do you gather based on the facts above? Honest opinions am I just there for comfort or is it possible genuinely likes me and just (for whatever reason) can not express to me how he feels?


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  • You only have been seeing him for ONE month...give it a little more time.


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  • A lot of guys have trouble putting there feelings into words it does not mean they are not into you.

  • He likes you.


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