Is he interested in me?

So I have this guy friend that I've liked since high school.he played ftball I was a cheerleader. When he discovered I liked him all he told my friend is that she's my friend, but never treated me weird. The hugs were longer and he noticed me more. At the time I worked at hobby lobby and he/his family would come in and spent a lot of time speaking with me. I adore his mom she's the sweetest. We graduate go off to college I see him in town and catch up with him. He gives me the biggest hug and don't see him for another 2yrs. Until last week. I went to his job to buy produce and when I saw him we were both grinning ear to ear. He gave me the longest/biggest/closest hug ever. In that moment all my feelings for him came rushing back. We caught up, he walked me to my car, put my groceries in, hugged me the same way and said that he works everyday and that he hopes to see me soon. We exchanged numbers. I text him saying to save my #. He text me back saying "I got you babe!...don't be a stranger" I said okay and that was that. I text him a few days later and he replied with "hey you!" We texted for 4days straight then stopped. Yesterday I text him thanking him for always treating me like a lady even when he knew I liked him. And that I loved how we was always a gentleman towards me. Never rude, but always respectful. And that because of him I knew all guys weren't jerks. He texted back saying: "Wow that just made my day! I've always had a special place for you in my heart! Obviously you were raised right too and just to have another person think that about me means a lot! Thank you for always being such a good and good looking friend ;) have a wonderful day!"

So do I have a shot with him guys?


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  • Just be careful not to cheer "U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibie, your ugly!"

    Go girl go! Ask him out

    • Oh he's far from ugly. Lol 6'2 tan dark blond hair ice blue eyes. I have Jungle Fever baaaaad! Lol

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  • Oh my gosh, yes! Go for it or you'll regret it. Maybe try hinting to him that you want to hang out (which could turn into a date). He even said, "Don't be a stranger!" So he probably wants to see more of you. Good luck!

    • I just don't want to become too available or be the pursuer. But I think he might be a little shy and not know how to approach me.