He was super into me, now I can't hold a conversation with him to save my life

About seven months ago I met this guy while he was in my city for a business trip. We set up a date and went out. That night we ended up having sex and both agreed that there was still respect, etc etc. We're two adults that wanted to have sex. And he held to that. Even after he went back to his home state we talked. He'd send me pictures of him (not even sexual) and videos of him in certain cities almost every day.

At the time I wasn't really into him because I assumed it'd go nowhere. We haven't seen each other in person since that day. He'd send me long texts telling me how beautiful I am and how much he admires my intellect, how if I lived near him he'd date me in a heartbeat. But then, I don't know it just kind of stopped. We still talked but not as much (and I was always losing my phone)

We were supposed to hang out when he came to visit my state, but he never really let me know when he arrived and left by the time I'd found out he'd come.

He stopped sending me pictures. Stopped sending the paragraphs.

Anyway, when we started talking again, I told him that I liked him, and he said he liked me too, but I truly feel it was just to be nice, because he pulled back so much. I could barely hold a conversation with him before he disappeared. He has his read receipts on so I see him read it, but he never responds, yet if I texts again he responds enthusiastically.

He claims he was "super busy" but I just can't believe that.

When I told him my ex wanted to get engaged he pulled back EVEN MORE. Although I finally said no and want to let him know, I don't know how to bring it up. I ALWAYS have to text him first now. And he won't even stay in a conversation with me long enough for me too.

Anyway, I don't understand what he's doing, if I should try harder, leave forever, or what.


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  • He's putting up a wall I'd think because he's just trying to protect himself. He had feelings for you and showed it. And I guess you didn't show him your exclusive feelings for him enough and he decided to put a wall up instead of feeling unwanted. I don't know about "try harder" but maybe tell him how you feel, what you want you guys to be, or try out. If he still seems closed off then maybe there's no hope. Your judgement is better than mine at that point

    • Thanks! I did that and surprisingly he was really honest. Of course he didn't get emotional, but he did admit he was pulling away, but now wasn't anymore because he's really liked talking to me lately. :)

    • Good for you! best of luck in love and happiness.

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  • I don't see how he could save your life. Are you in danger? Could he avert the danger or cure an illness?

  • I think he might think that you are interested in other men or he's interested in other wemon and doesn't want you any more if I were you I would seriously text him saying I've had enough do you really love me or not! if so come see me in a month and well talk if not don't come ever that way he will be compelled to respond in one way or another I hope this helps


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