Dating almost has no appeal!

I recently just moved to different area, I feel little more myself and more confident Notice girls seem to be more attracted to me, so I smile and just appear to be friendly.

Have couple girls I text once in awhile my phone, in different areas just ego boosters I guess helps knowing a girl or two likes you.

Went out with group of girls grabbed some drinks one I thought was cute I knew her from awhile but I'm just there having fun trying to be friendly with all of them. (I think that was maybe a mistake not isolating her)

Is it bad to wait and date one you really might like or are you supposed to just try and date everybody.I literally have like no long relationships. Keep going with the flow or do I have to put some more effort into all of this?


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  • Work on being happy flying solo. Dress for success & make sure you have all your ducks in a row financially. After that, anything goes. Talk to lots of people. Work the room every time you go out. You'll eventually bump into a girl that'll work for you if you look like you have everything together. Good luck!


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  • depends on what you really like...if you like to change to having long relationships then concentrate on one girl at a time :). but if your not ready to commit then date casually and inform the girl so she won't be mislead and heart broken at the end


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