Will a girl continously go on dates if she has no interest?

I've been taking this girl out that I'm interested a couple times a week lately and I guess things are going okay, she seems to enjoy the time we spend together I just feel that she is hesitant to open up to me as of now due to her past relationships.

When we met it was at a party in which we went really far really fast. At that time she had a boyfriend that was very controlling and then about a week later she ended it. We were talking casually on myspace and then eventually aim and started talking more and more and eventually started going out a couple times a week.

We have not done anything like we did the first night we met since then and I'm just wondering if she still has interest? She some times initiates talking online but I'm usually the one to do it. As well as I'm the one who asks if she wants to go out when we do.

So does she still have interest or what?


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  • I think you need to let her do the calling or asking if you want to hang out. Has she initiated holding hands or cuddling while ur together.

    • Not really other than the first night we met.

    • Maybe she had a change of heart I would cut ur losses and move on. There's no use wasting time on one person. there are so many other options out there.

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  • i wouldn't go on dates with a guy I wasnt interested in...she may be just feeling you out and getting to know you...or she may be playing hard to get because she did go so far the 1st meeting


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  • Maybe she checking to see if your the ONE or she could be seeing some other guy or guys trying to decide which male is the best partner.

    • No I know she isn't dating any other guys. She is very busy most of the time with her daughter.

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