Difference between "Dating" and "Boyfriend/Girlfriend"

I've been "Dating" a guy for a month now and he says he's NOT seeing anyone else but when I ask about boyfriend/girlfriend he says he's eventually looking for that but doesn't want to go too fast.

He holds my hand, even in public, and he'll lace his fingers with mine we've shared kisses, and when we're watching a movie he'll cuddle with me.

So are we in a relationship or not? I'm afraid to get attached because I don't want to be getting used without knowing it.

Secondly, how can I make him realize I'm girlfriend material?

For Clarification, we've only kissed we haven't done "All the physical stuff" as some users have assumed. I wait until I'm in a relationship before I sleep with a guy that's part of the reason why I'm trying to find out if he seems like he's going to stick around.

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  • To me, dating, dating exclusively, and being boyfriend/girlfriend are 3 different things. Dating is just dating. Dating exclusively is when you agree not to see other people so you can see if there is something there. Having a real relationship and being boyfriend/girlfriend is when you've decided that yes, there is something there, and you start really incorporating that person into your life.

    Wanna be girlfriend material? Keep being fun and don't pester him about defining the relationship.


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  • I agree with what celestialdaeva and anonymous user said. However, I should also add that taking the relationship to the next level shouldn't only be HIS decision. If it feels like he wants to keep things casual forever, then he might, in fact, be using you. Otherwise, it could be an indication that you are both interested at moving at entirely different speeds. Neither bodes well for a relationship.

    Give him some time to catch up to where you are at, but if your needs are still not met and you are discontent, then you might be better off with someone actually interested in a serious relationship (if that is what you want). There has to be compromise but don't let his needs take precedence over yours. If not, you are going to have an extremely frustrating relationship in the long run even if you officially get together.

  • If he says he's eventually looking for that, then I don't think you can call that a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship yet. I don't think you should get really attached to him because he seems a bit.. casual at this point. If you have kissed him & did all the physical stuff, then he might not even feel the necessity to engage in a relationship with you. As for the girlfriend material.. guys have different girlfriend-material standard so I can't really say. Hope this helps! :)