Why did I get replaced?

Basic info; I'm 19, virgin and have never kissed so I'm insecure bout kissing, the guy is 21 experienced with girls.

We went on a cabin trip for 5 days so you seem slutty if you do anything on it.

A guy and I had deep personal and flirty convos for 2 intense days. 2nd day he tried to kiss me.. I let him kiss my neck then said stop(but moaned it so it doesn't count), he stopped kissed again, I said stop Because I'm Muslim and on this trip, we say down he started kissing me down my neck to my boobs he sucked on them..

Then I made him stop so he replaced me the next day with a girl who has a boyfriend in another country. They talk a lot and they shared sleeping bag for 2 days.

He doesn't smile when we talk, doesn't flirt back anymore,

Why did I get replaced? Did he just want sex? What's wrong with me?


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  • You weren't giving him what he wanted.

    • ...which is sex?

    • Doesn't matter what it was. You weren't giving it.

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  • He just wanted sex, there's nothing wrong with you. You two were incompatible.

  • He's just a horny doushebag, forget about him


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