A second chance for coming on too strong the first time?

Suppose you and this mr. nice guy had a splendid date. It was absolutely awesome, A LOT of effort and money put in and your mutual friends like the guy a lot too. But he cares about you way too much right at the start while you're not sure yet and you cut the relationship off before you'll hurt him too much. He then proceeds to send some text messages a few times to ask for a second chance and while he is being completely open and honest it does get somewhat irritating.

When would you give him a second chance? What should I do? I'm mr. nice guy in this situation and it's been a few months.


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  • Move on.

    She won't give you a second chance until she has seen or heard that you can handle a relationship like normal person.


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  • Just give her time and she'll answer and come to you when she's ready but the more you keep texting and calling her the more she's gonna back away from you.Just give her time and maybe after a week or so,contact her and see if she'll give you another time and if she doesn't,that'll be a lesson learned :)


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