Is talking for hours a sign he is interested in me?

So I met this guy about 2 months ago online and for our first date and meet up we talked for 3 hours, then the next time we meet up we sat at the beach and talked for about 4 hours, then had coffee the following week and chatted for 2 hours, then last week we got ice cream and sat on the beach and talked close to 6 hours. We aren't physical with each other yet because of our religious beliefs, so it's hard for me to gage if he's into me. But would a guy spend that much time talking to a girl if he weren't interested in her?


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  • it depends what your talking about but considering the time involved I'd have to think he is interested or he wouldn't of invested that much time in you

  • I would and have. Do it quite commonly too with friends, if we have a good conversation going and no urgent matters to attend to. So just talking to you for a long time isn't a clear indication of such interest, in my opinion.


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