Would a guy ever date a married woman?

If you are a single guy whose never been married and doesn't have kids, would you ever date a married woman even if she was separated from her husband and they have kids together?What are your beliefs on this?Do you think its morally wrong?Would you look down on a woman for sleeping with a man that wasn't her husband?And would you ever marry her if she got a divorce?Would you as a man take on that kind of responsibility and be a father to her children?OR would you want to marry someone whose never been married before and would share all the first time experiences with you?What's your opinion?


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  • A separated person is still married, and therefore off-limits. I wouldn't date a separated man until his divorce was final.

    Also, marriage is a huge thing, and if it doesn't work out both parties need to be single for a while. They need to figure out who they are as individuals before being part of a couple again.


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  • I have been dating a girl that has a child but has not been married. But if she was married it would make things a little different but I don't see why I wouldn't keep seeing her if that was the case.


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