Takes forever but she always responds eventually?

There's a girl I'm good friends with that will sometimes take up to 24 hours to respond to texts I send her but only very rarely doesn't respond. This bothers me because there's other people she texts that she doesn't take near that long to answer and she used to be faster responding. I know she isn't annoyed with me or anything because she still actively seeks out spending time with me, I just don't understand this behavior.


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  • Hmmm...maybe she doesn't see you as a potential partner. I know that if you were my friend and that I liked you, I would respond MUCH MUCH sooner and ALWAYS reply. But that's just me.

    When you hang out, does she act like she likes you? (Looks at you longer than usual, touches you, pokes you, flirts, long tight hugs, always trying to look nice around you, etc). If she always looks like she just jumped out of bed when she sees you, always asking you for guy advice etc then it's def just friends. Try to find a place where it's just you two and lock eyes, then lean in to kiss her. See how she reacts. If she kisses you, laugh and say "How did that make you feel". If her reaction is negative, just say "I wanted to see if it would be weird to kiss a friend haha!" and play it off and don't bring it up again. If she said it felt really good, kiss her again :]


    • I feel like she acts flirty but I can't tell if that's just her personality and then this makes me second guess every sign I think I'm picking up in person

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    • With friends

    • Yeah then see...try to see if she's paying close attention to YOU around all the friends, or dividing equal times amongst people. If she's giving most of her attention to you, I would say it's safe to ask her out one on 1. If she's not really walking next to you and not single-ing you out from your other friends, then it's just friends.

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  • let her know it bugs you.


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  • When she does not text you back for a lengthy period of time, does it cause you to think of her more often than normal throughout the day? Considering your post, I'm assuming yes, it does. You also stated that she actively pursues spending time with you. Given that fact and how she treats her other friends, I've concluded that she may have a thing for you and thus, purposely replies to your texts very late to build up your anticipation to communicate with her, and/or to perhaps mask her true feelings.

    Are you into her?

  • Ok, 1. one day isn't a long time to reply, calm down kid.

    2. some people (yes, even girls) just aren't big texters. Or if you DO see them reply to others faster, it could just be they were busy when they saw yours and forgot to reply when they had the chance. I've done that with girls I like. I've also had a girl take 2 weeks to reply to me, a girl I'd eventually take on a date.

    As hard as it is, I wouldn't place TOO much value on text habits of ppl. It CAN be a sign of how they feel, but not always. Again, it's hard, I know, even I over think girls' text habits. But really, the most important thing is how they act around you in person.

    Plus, she could just be playing hard to get or testing your responses.

  • She has low interest in you