Do guys think about the future when they start exclusively dating a girl?

For me, I think about the future when I start exclusively dating a guy. Example, going on vacations with them, moving in with them, getting married, having kids etc. do guys do this too? To other girls do this too, or am I crazy?


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  • No. We live in the moment.

    That's why so many guys freak out when the girl insists on asking "Where is this going?"

    Because we don't like to think like that.

    Girls do, though. It seems like they can't just be happy in the moment. They have to know that this, what ever it is, is going somewhere. Otherwise they are wasting precious time, when they could be looking for Mr. Right.

    • Totally agree, thanks for your feedback!

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  • I don't. I don't even understand why so many women are so concerned with only looking for a serious, long term relationship. I don't worry about that.

  • Not that far into the future!


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