Have you ever dated your trainer? Or would you?

How good or how bad of an idea is it, to date a trainer?

He's an all female trainer at the gym, so he's pretty much surrounded by girls most of his time. If he's not at the gym training he's hiking somewhere with a bunch of girls.

Is it a bad idea to date such a guy? Or pass him up?


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  • He's a trainer not a male stripper !

    If you're secure about yourself and what to have to bring to the table, this would not be an issue.


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  • Haha I know how you feel, I wanna take my yoga instructor out! Did your instructor ask you out or are you planning to ask him out? Also what kind of a gym gets their own female trainer?

    • haha! funny. So take her out! ?

      Well he's not my trainer yet, but he wants to be xD

      then I said I wasn't interested, & then he asked me if he can still call me even if he's not training me.. so he calls me like every day twice a day, & wants to train me for free, and take me hiking.. but I found out just yesterday that he only trains girls. So I was like hmmmm.. & I know he's interested because he always looks at me & he was like "I didn't wanna talk to you because I thought you were 16" lol xD Weird!

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    • Haha, the benefits of being a guy? pfft! Whatever. lol Why are you going for older girls? for sex? ick!

      I don't know how old he is, I never ask him anything, I don't even know where he's from lol

      That's the funny part, he asks a bunch and I don't ask anything!

      I haven't been to the gym this entire week and he's been calling every day, and today he called me *babe* :/ on the phone, which is weird! & that he can't stop thinking about me.. but I never even show interest.. idk... it's weird.

    • No... because I find her attractive. How does that make sense? An older girl is less likely to just want sex with you... Anyway good luck, hope it works out for you but be careful!

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  • pass him up,its obvious he loves female attention, he isn't worth competing over.


    he knows what he is doing ;) ;)

    • Hahah, yeah. I just found out yesterday xD

      I thought he was a regular trainer.. but no..

      anyway, yes or no? xD