How serious do girls actually take their relationships while they're dating?

A lot of girls will just date for fun, or will date a fun, albeit immature guy for a time and then move on to another one. These girls can't be serious about their lives or their relationships can they? So where do all the well raised and hard working good guys fall into this equation? I'd like to hear some answers from women that have maybe lived this kind of life, or that date casually and plan to settle down and get married when they're ready.

So many girls here say that good guys are unattractive and boring, but is that really the case? If they aren't taking their relationships seriously, yet you'd be willing to settle down with a better man, isn't that counter-intuitive?


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  • Most people who are dating for fun don't know what they want out of a relationship. Also, girls can be immature and not ready to settle down yet.

    Good guys aren't unattractive and boring, but too many unattractive and boring guys try to hide behind the "good guy" name to overcompensate and still feel they deserve the hottest, most charming and outgoing girls.

    The well raised, hard working good guys should be out there looking for their equal. If he wants her to be hot and fun, he has to work on being hot and fun, too. I would suggest for guys to not forgo dating while he's young to work on making money, etc. Try to balance your life.

    • What does "to work on making money" entail to you exactly? I am working two jobs and going into a very important semester for school that should open up some doors for me, but I still only have a few hundred dollars in the bank and it's very hard for me to increase that amount with having to pay for gas and food and other expenses (sometimes I become an impulsive buyer lol). Also not having bought my textbooks yet for school I won't have much left at all for a handful of paychecks yet.

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    • What do you think of engineers in general? Or just the field of work as a whole?

    • I LOVE engineering! My grandfather was an EE. But it can be difficult to find an engineer who is strong is interpersonal communication and/or empathy traits. My last boyfriend was very self-absorbed, critical, demanding and perfectionist. Part of that was just him and his family, but part was that engineer-brain. Those traits are great for solving problems, but make you feel lousy when you're on the receiving end of them in a relationship not build on circuits!

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  • I don't date someone unless I can see myself being with them for a long time. I'm not really the type to play the field.

  • I am not the type to just date for fun... I am always hoping that it leads to something more

  • Depends on the girl. If you keep running into girls that don't take it serious, that's because those girls have realized that girls have more options and they take full advantage of it.

    • Every guy wants an attractive girl, attractive girls have options, so odds are you're going to end up wanting a girl that plays the field to a certain point. So are you saying that those girls have options, but don't take all of them seriously?

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