Best to back off and see if she'll contact me?

So I ended our last text conversation with me texting "You'll have to tell me about it! Off out for a bit, talk to you later x". I didn't get a reply to this, figured it didn't require one anyway.

Three days later near 10pm I texted her "Just ate the world's greatest sandwich" to be spontaneous, not had a reply for an hour.

Usually I'm not that fussed if it's an hour, she's apologized twice for being busy with work, etc. she could be working late tonight, I know she does sometimes until midnight.

If she texts me later on at night, should I text her tomorrow morning apologising for falling asleep?

If she doesn't text me at all, should I back off and not contact her any more and let her come to me? She has initiated in the past.. but I do feel like I've been doing it a lot lately. Wondering whether to back off and see if she contacts me?


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  • Maybe she's like really busy.Unlike me (I have no life :P) I would text my crush back immediately and keep the convo going but sometimes I would wait a while to respond to make it seem like I had other things to do as well.Maybe she's doing the same thing?

    • Possibly, I know some days she works late at a bar. I usually don't fuss with this as I'm busy but I assumed maybe she would be available to talk. I'm not going to contact her again and let her get back to me, only because I feel like I'm putting too much effort in, initiating, etc. You want what you can't have right? Or what you don't have anymore

    • Just send her a simple "Hey" and don't try to text her again for a long time. Look at her social media accounts and see if she's been on or not.If she has and has been doing/saying random stuff on there then she's probably ignoring you. :/

    • Yeah she had been on her twitter yesterday, but after a whole day after my text, at half 2 in the morning she sent "Did ya? What was in it? x" (at my sandwich text)

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