Is He Just Not Into Me Anymore?

I guess this question is both general and specific. I met this guy over the summer and we dated for a while. We met on a summer program and we broke up on the last day because neither of us wanted to do long-distance (he lives about 20 hours away by car).

We both agreed that if we lived anywhere near each other we'd still be together. The first week after we broke up, we'd text for at least one and a half hours each night, and it would end by him saying something along the lines of 'night, text me tomorrow'.

The thing is, he has never - Ever - initiated contact in any way shape or form and as more time passed (it's been a month and a half since we broke up) his responses to conversations have all been barely more than monosyllabic.

For this reason, I haven't texted him in two weeks...the problem is, he hasn't texted me either.

So, my question: if a guy likes you, would he try to initiate contact no matter how little time he has to talk? I mean, maybe just a 'hi, how are you?' and a bye.

Also: do you think he's still into me?

During the time we did have together, we got really close and he's repeatedly told me that I was his first real girlfriend.


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  • he lives too far away,maybe he is dating someone else ,the fact that you were always the initiator shows his level of interest, guys say a lot of things in the heat of passion. Believe his actions not his words.