Guy get you drunk to take advantage of you meantally?

I recently went out to dinner and (lots of) drinks with my guy friend. He insisted on driving, even though was inconvenient for him and then when I was plenty drunk after some deep discussions, started the interrogation of my dating situation, past exes, and would I date a guy just because he's rich, etc...The whole time he was perched on the edge of his seat and analyzing everything I was saying and always looking into my eyes and then at one point says "Don't worry I'm sure you will find the right guy someday." Then some more personal talks, but it felt like he was trying to get the real deep down info and not when I'm sober and careful with my words. I dunno, do guys do that? And why? what is his intention? Thanks all!


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  • He likes you obviously, and was hoping you'd open up. He was not, I'm sure, in his mind taking advantage of you because he didn't 'do' anything, he was simply trying to learn more. Others might disagree of course, but that's what he was doing.

    My wife and I before we dated only admitted we liked each other after splitting a bottle of whiskey. Then we weren't sure exactly what had been said so split another bottle of whiskey and clarified.

    • Thank you for your insight, I am sure you are right but when he dropped me off he reminded to let him know anytime I have party or group event to go to and he will be my date lol. Soo I'm not sure if he didn't like my answeres and decided no more alone dates or he is falling for me and this is his way of protecting himself from getting hurt... What do you think? Thank you so much in advance!

    • I think he likes you but is too shy to say so directly so he just keeps hinting and hinting and hinting.

    • Hmmm yeah I agree but still he must know I like him, I'm the one reaching out most times and I kissed him lol. So what's the deal with him wanting to be my date to group events if he's interested in dating me I just don't get that

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  • Wait...the guy did what? Poured drinks down your throat and forced you to talk about things you keep hidden while your are sober?

    I think your question really is "why can't I keep my mouth shut when I drink too much?"

  • be honest here, are you someone that doesn't share 'alot? Meaning you're a pretty private person even with friends?

    He was either interrogating the crap out of you for nefarious reasons. Maybe you just perceived it that way because you don't mean to share too much with anyone ever.

    Are you not aware you tend to share things when drinking too much? I know I do. To say he took "advantage" of you is kinda a stretch here.

    • Good point , I guess I kinda am pretty private...I actually didn't take any offense as I believe he has good intentions I just meant maybe perhaps he took advantage of the situation lol

  • Girls really need to stop playing the victim card...

    • Well maybe I am a victim of his indecisiveness

    • And to answer your question, I don't know any guy who does that. That's pretty weird

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  • he sounds like a sneaky ass,Thank gawd ghe didn't take advantage of u,he shouldn't have got into your personal life,thats the sneaky part,when you can't think clearly

  • I felt that he was being sensitive , he should draw a line. Just don't like the feeling of being interrogated

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