How to approach a shy person to date?

So I just moved to a new school as my senior year. I am in the robotics club and there is this shy girl in there that I found attractive. I have never really approached someone who is super shy(in a way to date). I come off as I guess a little forward and I don't want to scare her off. It might be that if I get to know her she will open up to me. I was just wondering, she is Asian too and I have not seen Asian girls that like to date white guys (or so I've seen). Any help?


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  • Try to be her friend first. Not like a best friend, but a friendly acquaintance. Ask about what she likes and dislikes, and pay attention so if the opportunity to date her arises you an show her you care. Just be friendly and take it one day at a time. Strike up a conversation with her just to say hello. And when she seems to be comfortable, be honest about how you feel. Girls love it when you express your feelings. =)


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