Is he using me? Or am I over-reacting?

I've only known this guy for 5 months. I don't see him on a regular basis. So I am not close to him. When I first met him though he was constantly texting too much and calling me. I rejected him on his offers to take me out cause of what I heard about him, and I was on the fence about it. He has a history of violence and irrational/mental behavior. I did go out with him, but it was with a group of friends. I never went out with him alone, and even the few times I went out with him he acted obsessive and was constantly asking my friends or me about my whereabouts, and where I am or where I am going. He even at one point said "WHo's d*** were you sucking last night?" LOL! But he sounded kinda angry. He was just always trying to date me, have sex with me, kiss me and so on.

He did call me a few times about his ex and spilled about his problems with her, and I only knew him for 3 months at that point and he wasn't close with me though, but I love Psychology and I figured I would help as a friend, and offer advice. :) So he stopped texting me and calling me cause I did reject him alot. Well I haven't spoke to him in 2 weeks. He calls me out of the blue, and he is crying, he tells me he got arrested and that he feels worthless cause he can never win with his ex. I clamed him down and spoke to him for a half hour, and I was offering encouragement and incite, and he seemed appreciative. That was at one pm, and so it was about 9:30 at night and I figured I would text him to see if he's OK, so I texted him saying "Hey! Are you ok? Just checkin :)" He didn't respond back. He posted something on Facebook an hour later via mobile, so he definitely saw my text plus he lives on his phone. Did he use me? I think he just used me for a therapy session, but I could be wrong. Tell me what you think! If I should take it personally or not. Also I forgot to add that he told me he had Bipolar Disorder. Thanks so much! :) <3 one love


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  • yeah trust me he definitely used you, he is clearly obsessed with his ex and wants someone as a rebound.


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  • I wouldn't say he used you. You've rejected his romantic advances but it seems like you accept him as a friend-ish. So he called a friend like any of us would do in a time of need. I personally talk to many people when I'm stressed about something. I'd say he got what he needed from you in that moment and you won't hear from him again until the next time he needs to talk.

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