Are these hints that she wanted to bring our friendship to next level?

Brief scenario, we have known each other for 6 years but it’s only recently we started to communicate with each other.

i) Texting from Morning till sleep time. She would promptly reply my messages whenever she is free.

ii) Sharing problems and complaints via texting.

iii) Asked question about our private life; goals and ambitions.

iv) Exchanged views and pointers.

v) Sharing our location and what we are doing.

Just this week, she started to act strangely. She started to tell me tales about her suitors and she’s not interested in them and she started to enquire on my horoscope, asked if I believed in them. She would flood my message with me emo-icons such as wink, smiley, love signs and more. She enquired about my past relationship and asked if I will reconcile with my ex-gf if I was given the opportunity. She told me that she will like to take her next relationship seriously; progress slowly and even told me how she turned down someone recently.

Whenever I enquired about how she feels about me, she would just beat around the bush and at times provide a neutral response.

Any ladies willing to provide your views on this matter? I need to reassure my perspective before taking the next approach.



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  • YOU should be asking her out.

    Whilst this won't apply to all women, women generally shower men with attention to indicate that they like them. this can be small-talk or conversation, or in this case smilies. it seems she is testing your waters by talking about her relationships/dating life, and essentially waiting for you to step forward.


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