Interrogated by women through Texting

I feel like they just get bored and just so happen to send me pointless text they don't follow through. Like:

The infamous Wyd ( what you doing) I get a couple variants of this message.

First Wyd I respond what I am genuinely doing and don't get a response

Or I get a Wyd text then respond what is she up to and don't get a response

Or the best one

I get asked Wyd, I say making dinner she responds why didn't I invite her.. I say I didn't know you eat this and I will cook us dinner one night... Implying that I want to set a date!

But don't get a response back.. What the hell is up with these women?


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  • Asking someone what's up or what they're up to isn't exactly an interrogation, it's just conversation.

    As for why they don't respond when you mention cooking for them... maybe they're just wanting to be friends and they don't know how to respond. They should response though, it's ride not to.


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  • Holy paranoid. It sounds like they are bored so they are probably texting a ton of people those same generic messages and continue the conversation with the person who is the most interesting to text with.


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  • "Interrogated" and "Texting" in the same sentence makes me giggle.