She's stuck with this boyfriend like a baby blanket how do I tell her she isn't giving dating a chance

I need to tell her in a short paragraph she's wrong for this. Well she thinks she going to be able to tell if someone is better then her man by dating behind his back. But she can't. How will she be able tell if he is her best lover if he is the only one. Makes her the happiest if she isn't broken up. What it feels like to be totally in anther mans arms with no strings truly freely in love for each other his way. The charms he might have during those special private times because it was free to happen. Or how is her date going to feel wondering when the last time she had sex when you go down on her. Wondering if he going to show up. How he feels at home when she is on your date. The freedom the really be yourself and the best of it is so lost in so many ways. How can I take her on a vacation with me? How can she absolutely know me and if I might be a better choice when he is better by default since she goes home and has sex and expresses emotions around him. Has vacations/night outs with him to see if he is better. He's there to influence her at every drop when he notices her every vibe around me and changes to accommodate or influence. How can I tell her in very few words... What I need to say.. I mean she needs to realize you can only tell if he is better when you have broken up. Then you come back. Not better when you go home to him every night and no ones pleased you more...


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  • Ok what I've deciphered from your question is this: it appears that you desire a woman who is already in another relationship. And this woman has some interest in you but not enough to leave her current relationship for? Is that the main gist of it all?

    • Well the question is yes she is in anther relationship. She has been willing to leave him in the past. And maybe still so in the future. But what she is doing is choosing what's best in life by kind of staying with him and not. So what happens is a guy then has to deal with tis facts. Which end up not allowing a healthy relationship, thoughts about, time with her and many more things to happen normally. Then she is basing what is best by the outcome. When the hole thing is tainted by the fact

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    • I was under the impression you had oral sex with her. If that's not true I apologize. Your writing is not very clear. If she is in love with her current man then all can do is lick your wounds and move on.

    • Oops, typo. ...then all YOU can do...

  • Some people are scared to death of being single so they stay in bad relationships rather than be single or start dating again. Maybe she is one of those people.


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