Should I try and get my ex back after no contact 2 weeks?

We were together a month , we did get together fast. We both had such intense chemistry and a strong connection we were so comfortable with each other it was like fire. We also got to know each other fast as well during that time.

He said I love you to me a few times after about 2-3weeks When he told me he was in love with me

Then about the end of the month I sent him this text.

"I know this sounds crazy scares me a little by saying it but I'm in love with you I know you've said it already just hope I don't scare you by saying this now like maybe you've changed your mind just wanted to tell you and I really mean it"

But I made a mistake and texted it and I'm not in love with him it was in the heat of the moment.

We spoke a little over the weekend about the concert and then he sent this

"I'm going to be honest pet. This is scaring me how fast things are going with us . I really had no intention of getting into a relationship until I met you . I don't know what it is. I'm afraid of hurting you and myself I'm just confused"

and then I kept sending a few messages every 2 hours as he didn't reply about 3 then I send one line to him "I thought you were a good guy thought we had a connection but I don't want to be messed around" and the next day I sent one more message.

Then he replied "Like I honestly don't know what's going on in my head. I really don't. I hurt when you said "I thought you were a good guy" I am. I've always treated you right. I just don't know what I want in life right now. I hate my job and most of my life to be honest. I'm not the right guy for you you deserve way better"

I've already tried calling last week and I sent one message to apologize

Can I text him now 2 weeks later? just a text to say Hey how are you? since we didn't have a bad break up?


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  • Yes! I've done this! Was like reading deja vous lol...since its been 2 weeks text him something hey! Just thought I'd say are ya? It worked for me and we were together 3 more years after. I read a lot about the guy pull it.. you will find a scenerio close to yours. Best of luck hun! I remember all too well how much the pull back hurts! Even a f*** you would be less confusing! Sigh. Keep your chin up girl!

    • Did you do what I did? did your guy do what my ex did? It's just worrying I mean we had a strong connection it didn't die out it just felt more like a misinterpretation on my side. I just don't think he meant there I'm not the right guy for you thing. And he even put the sad smiley in as if he didn't want to say it and he was saying how I meant the world to him before all that.

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    • to be treating her way better like he took her out on a date . she's added to his Facebook she tagged him on a post on Facebook on the date and they took pictures of each other . He seems to be letting everyone know so his family must know and friends with me he kept me secret and didn't say a word yet kept saying he will but never actually did yet. So he moved on very fast it's like he went on to find a girl before breaking up with me so he has someone else in line.

    • We only went to the park or once at his house once at mine and then just in his car as he was busy during the week with training twice a week and he works nights . We met at the start early in the week then it was just weekends and we only met in his car go somewhere or the park once , once at his house , once at mine. So he's treating her differently maybe he had other intentions.

  • I suppose you could, but I'd leave it if I were you. He's told you where he stands. Can I say it a little different for you? This is what he meant: "Hey, I've really enjoyed getting to know you, I think you're an awesome wonderful girl and you deserve the best. I'm in a place in my life right now where I have a lot to figure out and having a girlfriend just doesn't fit in with that. I totally dig you, I'm just not ready to be with someone right now."

    That's it . . . he's not ready. Nothing you did/did not do, just the way it is. Let him be, then maybe when he does decide he's ready, he'll get a hold of you to see if you're still available.

    On a side note, don't tell someone you love them for the first time over text, that's just sh*tty. I'd be rather upset if someone did something like that to me. That's something you say to someone when you can touch them and look into their eyes, so they can see, hear and feel your emotion. You gave him NONE OF THOSE THINGS, by telling him through text. People miss out on so many things these days due to the technology we have, and it's dumbing down people's ability to effectively communicate with one another.

    • I don't think he meant it I think he said it in the heat of the moment I kept texting him without giving him a chance to respond then I said the "I thought you were a good guy" and took ages another few messages before replying I think I just needed to give him time to respond but I didn't and he got confused.

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    • I sent a couple messages before that .

      “you know what I said yesterday I think I may have got confused with the whole love thing my own feelings. I do like you a lot I didn't mean to scare you but I honestly said it in the heat of the moment. Do you still like me . I really think we should meet up and talk it through it'd be easier" I think I took his message as him breaking up with me and freaked out when maybe he hadn't actually done that yet.

    • It'd been 2 hours he still hadn't replied but he'd seen it so I sent this

      “I just want us to talk it through even if it's 5/10mins just to talk. Do you want to?”

      He still wasn't replying so I decided to send this

      "I do care about you I thought you were a good guy thought we had a connection . But I don't want to be messed around by someone who doesn't know what they want"

      I just kept texting him inbetween