Ladies, what if you take notice of another guy while on a first/blind date?

Yeah, we know guys get a bad rap for looking at other girls while on a date. But what about when you ladies take strong notice of another guy at the restaurant/bar/venue/etc when on a first or blind date (basically a date with a guy you barely know), and particularly if you don't find your date very interesting?

Do you give him the cues/hints that you're interested and he can approach you when you and your date are separated (bathroom break or something)? Are you respectful to your date and completely ignore the other guy after that initial notice? Is this whole scenario incomprehensible to you? etc etc


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  • If the new guy somehow got me his number or something while my date wasn't around, that's not a big deal. My date and I aren't exclusive at that point; I would just not want to be rude by flirting with another guy right in front of him. I would stay with my date out of respect, but if the new guy discreetly gave me his number, I wouldn't reject it.


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  • I'd probably look especially if the date is terrible. We're not mutually exclusive at that point, so I wouldn't feel bad about it, honestly. But if my date is really interesting and it's going well, then I wouldn't go farther than a look.

    It's been a long time since I've been on a first date with someone so if this answer doesn't make sense I'm blaming it on that lol.

  • Very incomprehensible and impractical. Not saying you can't take notice of another person while on a date. But, why would you meet up with some other random person while on a date with another person. That's pretty rude. If you're talking about one of those speed dating scenarios, then yeah, makes sense. But, an ordinary date with someone. Hell no.

    • so you'd try to focus on your bad date, out of respect for the situation, and completely ignore the other guy sitting across the way or wherever?

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    • I'm not going to lie, If I'm attracted to someone, I have no problem looking, so yes, I'll probably look But, purely out of respect for my date, I would at least try to get the most out of my "bad date", and make it a little bit more enjoyable If I could.

    • interesting, thank you.

  • After the initial notice, I'd let it go. I'd never try to get with someone or talk to someone else while on a date, no matter how bad the date was, haha! That's just bad manners.


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  • i know, your just asking the ladies, but ...

    if it's a blind date, and you feel there is no connection at all with your date, there is no reason why the date can't end very early. (like 15-30min)

    even if there is no other option within reach.