Is dating the same as being in a relationship? What is boyfriend / girlfriend then?

or no ? I'm so confused about this. Also, what would be a good METHOD of finding out whether the guy I'm dating and I whether we are in a "relationship"..Relationship = boyfriend.girlfriend ? Can two people dating me girlfriend and boyfriend ?


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  • Dating =/= Relationship. Dating is an official way of getting to know each other at a romantic level. It is to see if there is anything more to the initial interest. Usually you can date as many people as you want. A relationship is when you have gotten to know each other and agreed that you two will now be officially together I.e the interest is has become more. When you feel that you have gotten to know someone well enough and you are romantically ready for a partnership you sit them down and have a conversation about becoming exclusive I.e. Girlfriend and boyfriend.

    The best method of founding out is just to tell them that you really like them a lot and would like to make things official. This is your happiness here and ambiguity is unnecessary. You are an adult and it is important to tell people how you feel. If they don't feel the same the so be it, but don't frustrate yourself by being very indirect as miscommunication is one of the biggest reasons why relationships don't work. If you can't sit down and tell a potential boyfriend that you like him enough to be in a relationship then you are wasting your time


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  • Dating is not necessarily the same as being in an exclusive (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) relationship. Dating is just going out, on a set, established date. Spending time, having fun, getting to know someone, and seeing where it goes. If you're exclusive and you're officially calling each other "my [boyfriend/girlfriend]" then yeah, you're official.

    So "Dating" doesn't necessarily mean "exclusive" and therefore does not necessarily mean you are "Boyfriend and Girlfriend". However, if you are in an exclusive relationship, it can be simply summed up as "dating". As in "we're dating" or "I'm dating Devon" for examples.

    The word "Relationship" is also tricky like that. One CAN say you have a relationship with someone, but in that context, does not mean you are "dating" nor "exclusive" as boyfriend and girlfriend. Technically, "relationship" just means a connection, association, or involvement. That or, a blood, emotional or other connection between people. However, if you say "we're in a relationship" then yes, it does mean you two are boyfriend and girlfriend, or at the very least, dating.

    As for finding out. If you and him have been dating, or seeing one another for a while, and you feel you're in a relationship, or feel you want one, then one thing you could try doing is just simply talking about how well things are going, and just ask him, point blank if he'd like to make things exclusive. Just you and him. Chances are he'll either tell you that already thought you were in a relationship, and if so, good for you (and maybe you can ask him when he thought it became official) or he'll say yes.

    If he says no, then... well... that sucks, but that's always a risk when it comes to what you're asking advice for. I mean, if you want to define your relationship, somebody has to put themselves out there, and it will always be risky for somebody, but waiting around can also screw things up. So, if he says no, then as much as it sucks, at least now you'll know where you both are, right?

    I'm not sure if I was all that helpful, but you tell me. Here's hoping. I wish you both the best of luck with this. In the meantime, I hope I did well enough in defining the words you were asking about.

    Good luck!

  • Dating is just getting to know one another. That's why it's frequently called a 'game.'

    A relationship is when you decide you know enough to be together! Hopefully, there is no more gamesmanship going on by that point, although that's often not the case..!

    Boyfriend/girfriend is one type of a relationship.

  • Well how long have you been dating him? And how often do you date?

    • for 5 months, one or twice a week..?

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  • I think it's weird this website splits those two up into different categories, too. I mean dating someone IS being in a relationship with them. However, "relationships" aren't always romantic. Relationships are, well, just that, one person's relationship to/with another. While dating is exclusively referring to one's significant other, relationships include your friends, family, co-workers and boss, etc.

    • BUT people can be dating different people (more than one at once) omg it just gets more

  • dating is not the same as boyfriend/girlfriend. You only get to be boyfriend/girlfriend when you've both agreed to be exclusive. Dating is more like you're trying out a potential boyfriend/girlfriend to see if you want to commit on any level.

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