How do I not become too attached? Or is everything ok?

I recently got back together with a guy that I had dated a while back. when we previously dated I became too attached and he got annoyed and broke things off. a few weeks ago we talked and he told me that he really liked me and that it was a mistake that we broke up. he even admitted that he became too attached. but I didn't think he was attached at all. he was very distant and was a chase for me. now, he seems to have changed, and he is very sweet and calls and texts me almost everyday. we are not official, just casually dating. but he still seems to do that thing where he doesn't call or text everyday, and he is slow in responding to me. it drives me nuts! I really like this guy and he says he likes me a lot too, but I can't tell if he really does or not. I am the most impatient girl in the world, and I usually don't have this problem with guys but this guy has me fixed on chasing him. I don't know what to do and I find myself going crazy thinking why he hasn't talked to me, but when he does he makes up for it by talking to me for hours non stop. I feel like he doesn't want a relationship and I'm fine with dating but, am I becoming too attached and is that why he is so slow to talk to me? or is it all in my head? I'm crazy


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  • i'm the kinda girl who get's to attached I've known this guy named rafael since october and me and him are still together me and him broke up 3 or 4 times. and I could never let go. I hated not being with him and every time I'd try dating someone else I couldn't because I knew he was the one for me. but yet some people don't like him very muc which is kinda sad because he's a real sweet guy to me. but he's a little weird and crazy sometimes. I have a feeling that I will never get to be away from him he's like stuck in my life. but yeahh getting attached sucks but you have to do what you think is right. if a guy likes you it sometimes will be obvious...

    hope that helps :)

    and trust me your not the only one going through something like that

    it sucks but you'll figure it out...