Questions about white guys liking black girls?

Why are there so many questions about whether or not white guys will date a black girl?

I feel like part of the reason is that people on here give the girls who ask these questions false hope by saying that white men will. Then these girls go out into the real world and that's not the case. About 95% of white men will not, because they already have a perception of black women.

I think most black women are open to IR dating but they know the odds are against them. And most are not desperate to date interracially.

Plus, when you look at questions like this with over 200+ honest responses, it's weird why some would ignore the honesty:


Or when you look at statistics such as white men being the most likely to date interracially while black women the least likely. If white men were open to interracial dating with black women, they'd go after them

But why so many questions?


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  • To be bluntly honest, black girls have a big stereotype working against them that they are loud, obnoxious, and dramatic women. I'm sure I speak for most guys, white or otherwise, when we say that that type of behavior is definitely not alluring in the least bit. Guys don't want to be around an annoying girl that acts out just for the sake of having eyes on her or to be heard, and we definitely don't feel at home around a girl that refuses to acknowledge her own behavior problems because she calls it "confidence" instead.

    So the unfortunate reality of this topic is that the black girls that AREN'T like this still have the burden of proving that they aren't part of this stereotype. It's definitely a large enough stereotype that it cannot (and is not) ignored by people in society. So this is why many play it safe and wait for confirmation that a person isn't like that rather than finding out for themselves. So a black girl wishing to date outside her race has to unfortunately put in enough effort to break herself away from that stereotype.

    People that say white men will date black women on this site are partially right. But like society, they're a bit too idealistically answering behind a keyboard rather than observing reality. Some white men just unconsciously see other races as their own "breed". This sounds like racism but that's not what I'm referring to. Whether from the guy himself or more often, from society, people of different races are identified far too much by their race that people just have this unconscious inclination towards their own race. It's not an overt choice, just where their mind is steered. Fortunately, I've seen a lot of the younger generation not falling into this type of division.

    The reason that black men "hold down" black women is because of a simple but powerful force of nature: the male ego. Black women are known to be strong, "in your face" women so to back down from that is surrendering your manhood to that. Black men have been dating interacially for some time now and can you guess why? Non-black women aren't as much of a hassle (using generalities, like I've been using this entire answer) as black women.

    So without placing any blame on who is responsible for this behavior, whether or not it's true, the use of stereotypes, etc...the straight reality about it is that the stereotype is seen enough to where it's easier for people to just avoid it rather than dig through the black female population to see who fits the stereotype and who doesn't.

    • You're the only one who actually answered lulz

      I guess this proves women are too emotional to actually respond to a question regarding race

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  • Black guys and white guys both have a strong impression that black women are overweight, "sassy" and "independent" along with being loud and obnoxious and ghetto.

    Why do you think so many black guys prefer to date white girls, etc? I've had black guy friends tell me how they won't date black women because they're so mean, bossy, fat... sorry, but that's what they tell me.

    And for us white guys, there's one big, simple reason why most of us won't date black girls.

    We find white girls WAY more attractive. Not exactly rocket science. Black women have difference genetics which leads to different looks which leads to black girls not being the "type" for most white guys. Kind of like how, say, what passes for an attractive women in China might not be so in the USA, and vice versa.

    Maybe black girls should try being nicer and in better shape so black guys want to date them.

  • I'm a mix Asian guy, so I don't really fit your type I guess, but I live in a population where a good majority of it is black. I have liked many black girls over the years, but nothing really blossomed into a relationship, it just stayed with innocent teasing.

    I honestly think racial discrimination is everywhere and you can't really avoid it, you just have to live with it and not let it take over your life and ruin it for you.

    I get discriminated by many black people everyday, most of them do it unknowingly. Sounds weird, but that's how it mostly is if you ask me. I just don't let it get to me.

    • I like Asian guys

      I only specifically pointed out white guys cause that's who they seem most desperate for attention from

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    • They probably live in white majority areas and have no success with dating...

    • oh, that does explain a lot.

  • As you know, I absolutely love black women above all others; however, I'm no long able to date them as my wife becomes bitterly upset when I do. Thankfully, she herself is black which makes the situation reasonably bearable. Though I do appreciate your interest. ; - )

  • There aren't really that many questions about this exact issue. But confirmation bias makes it look like it when you make a search.

  • I'd date an intelligent and kind girl if she happened to look blue with yellow polkadots.

    I'd date an intelligent and kind girl if she happened to look blacker than black.

    I'd date an intelligent and kind girl if she happened to look just a bit black.

    I wouldn't even think about dating white trash.

    I wouldn't even think about dating black trash.

  • i don't like black women personally or any non-white I just don't find them attractive...and I think they ask these questions because maybe they feel they aren't getting enough attention from white guys

  • If people are stupid enough to stereotype, so be it.

    i doubt many people under 35 would have any issue I interracial dating.

    Also, it's subjective as with all other things. Some will and some won't.

    I do agree that people say things they don't mean, or project their opinion as fact. It's hunan nature lolol...

  • I don't understand why skin color is important.. white, black, asian, old, young, woman, man... all we are just people.. and our differences are our treasure.. why we can't see that?


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  • Dude you're part of the ask these types of questions every other day. I wouldn't be surprised if you're the anonymous chick who asked that question. And you wonder why.

    • When have I ever asked whether white guys like black girls? if you look through my questions I've never asked that

    • Well maybe we should refrain back to your other two accounts I'm sure there's some valid history that can prove otherwise. You may have made a new account but your ignorance still remains

    • I don't have any other accounts :) but you can continue to believe so

  • I've noticed that you're oddly fixated on the whole black girls/white guys dynamic. Why?

    Do you keep these links to these questions saved to your computer, ready to whip out anytime an insecure black girl asks if white guys like her? : /

    • lulz


      But I think it's funny how often it's asked on here...because it's asked so often. why do they ask so often when they're getting the same results over and over again?

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    • I answer all of her questions the same way...I do it cause I know who one of the girls is and I humor her

    • Hm. Well, I suppose these girls keep asking this same question over and over (obviously) out of insecurity. And of course you're going to get all sorts of "I'd totally date a black girl" responses if you ask this question, and that probably makes them feel a little better. But honestly, there are more white guys out there who like black girls than it seems like there are.. I know quite a few black girl/white guy couples.

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