My ex and I broke up a couple weeks ago officially. Should I ignore him?

My ex and I broke up a couple weeks ago officially this time. We tried to be friends, but end up arguing and etc. When he gets really pissed off, he says things like "you won't leave me alone! wanting attention! freaking out when I don't text you!" etc etc.. even though it's just me being emotional and trying to cope with this break up. and then he apologizes. I try explaining to him that we should just walk away from each other for good, but he doesn't want that. Why wouldn't he? After all the things he says..this morning (after a huge fight once again last night) he texted me "hey there". I want him to get the message that I am just done. Hurt. Lost.

Would ignoring him give this message? Because obviously talking it out with him is not working.

Ps; we only broke up because of complications. Not because of cheating or anything. But other complications like the now distance and some stuff he is going through. We dated for years so this is really hard.


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  • He would not want that due to his attaching past with you. You two may fight but for him (for us men), a fight is nothing more then a bump in the road. Sometimes women carry the tension more and make an exponential equation out of a minor detail which men usually do not pay attention towards because only the major large arguments are the details, not the minor text message or unresponsiveness due to other technicality. Instead of ignoring him, just be frank and tell him that these minors are majors for you and that you two cannot cohabit due to that.

    Good Luck

    -Nicholas G. Halden


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