Should an 18 year old date around?

I have been with my girlfriend for 2 and a half years. We started dating a couple months before the end of freshmen year.

Were both 18, and recently iv'e been fantasizing about kissing and having sex with other girls.

I think that I love her, not so sure anymore. I have started getting crushes and feelings for some of my friends that are girls from hs. And even some of her friends.

Should I date around since I'm young?

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And at first I honestly got with her because she is hot, and I wanted to have sex with her.


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  • Yes, you should see who works best for you. You are young, and you shouldn't be attached to someone at a young age, you should be exploring who is out there, and finding what you really like and don't like through various relationships with different people. It takes time, years even, if you properly want to find "the one," and the fact that so many people don't know this, is relative to the many divorces... because those people just grabbed whatever person they could first find, and hung on for dear


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  • I think you need to break up with her out of respect for her first of all. Do what you got to do. Date and sleep around if you must. Just be safe. You are clearly not ready for a committed relationship with her. If you drag it on any longer you will just be hurting you and her. There's a chance you could get together in the future when you're both ready

  • I said B, but if you honestly don't love her anymore then it isn't fair to her to stay with her, but if you do still love her then you should stay with her

    • What if I love someone else more? I'm in love with someone else more than I am with her.

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    • I think I love my gf... but am not certain. But I know I love this other girl a lot. I often wish it was her hand I was holding instead of my gf's, is that a clear sign?

      Or do all relationships go through that? This is my first girlfriend. But have dated before.

    • I don't know, in my experience when I started imagining myself seriously with and wanting other guys my relationships didn't last long past that. But then again all my exs just wanted sex and I said no so that was the reason for the break up's cause they started getting distant and mean after I said no.

  • Yeah, if you were my little brother (or SISTER!) I wouldn't want you to get tied down to one person so early, it's not healthy. I think you should date around and develop lots of new experiences so you know what you like. Just be respectful of her and try to hook up with other girls OUTSIDE HER SOCIAL CIRCLE. don't cause unnecessary pain to her by trying to get with her friends. You should break up and see what else is out there. If she asked advice I would also tell her to date other guys and break up with you too


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  • Well yea guess you haven't found the right girl yet , I can't say that you shouldn't cause its you who decides whether you love her or no to stay with her or go find someone else but 2 years man :| let her down slowly cause thatl sting

    • 2 years is not a whole lot really.

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    • I broke up with my boyfriend of two years 4 months ago and I'm still not over it

    • Well that's because you haven't found someone new. Why did you break up?

  • 2 years or two weeks dumping a girl isn't really easy for her she ll be heartbroken

    • Also, you never even answered the question. Should someone my age date around to see if someone else is more compatible with me?

  • I'm not sure if "dating around" is the appropriate term I'd use. But like ericguylikesfunny said, you should definitely try to discover more of what's out there.