If the guy you are dating is suddenly super nice to you, what might be the goal?

Its almost too good to be true, we been seeing each other a little over two months. he's always been wonderful but lately he has been the perfect man. Such la gentleman, carries my bags for me, pays for things, opens the car door for me. Just treats me like a princess.

I thought maybe he was doing to because he expected sex but at the end of the date he was content just holding hand.

Are guys like this sincere or what might be the goal?


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  • Guys like that do exist. If he has ulterior motives, it's impossible to know what they are without other indications. Enjoy it but pay attention any red flags that pop up.

  • This lasted for one date? Because that's not really a sign of anything. People fluctuate based solely on their moods so if nothing else it may just be a sign of his happiness.


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