What does my ex girlfriend want from me?

She had us introduced in summer 2011, we dated for a few months (3-4). Things ended badly because she assumed things and did me wrong. However she more or less came back to talk to me and gradually build some contact back. We've been texting back and forth here lately but it's always in spurts. She'll text consistently for a few days/weeks and I won't hear from her for several weeks. I've learned to not text her unless she texts me first. She asked to hang out in late July, almost indicating she wanted to do that more often and frequently. I'm all for it but she's incredibly hard to read. She was texting me this weekend, giving me a hard time because my college football team was down at halftime, but her texts are almost a playful flirt giving me a hard time, if that makes sense. Any way to tell what she wants?


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  • I can't be certain but it seems that she is interested in reconnecting. I don't see her efforts as wanting simple friendship. Assuming this is true, he need to decide if you trust her after what happened and you want to reconnect as well.