Where do you meet guys who want to casually date? I need a rebound to help make my breakup less painful.

I just graduated college and now that I'm not in college, I don't really know where to meet any guys. I met my ex at a college party, that's where I met every guy I've ever been with... but I can't go to those anymore... I go to bars but guys at bars just generally want to hook up.

I just got out of a long relationship and as shallow as it sounds I just want to find a rebound that will help distract me from the pain of this breakup. Someone who will call me, text me, want to hang out with me.. basically someone to help fill the hole my ex left and help me get over him.

But I have no idea how to find someone like this.. I don't just want a one night stand, I want someone who will keep pursing me/dating me for a little while after.

I'm not looking for a long term relationship or anything serious (if it happens it happens but I don't think I'm ready for that), just someone to date for a few weeks/month.

I guess what I'm asking is... is it hard to find this? I haven't been single in a while!


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  • If you want a guy who will keep pursuing you and you don't have to put out, go for a nice guy. He won't like the situation, but he will put up with it.

    • I would probably put out lol just not the first night. I want someone who will still talk to me after we have sex

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  • idk go to places like the library and see if a guy catches your eye?


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  • Hmm well what do you like to do? Pursue your hobbies, go to the park, library, conservatory, volunteer at an animal shelter or food bank, get involved in your community, take a class like yoga or Pilates, join a book club, and you'll probably meet some nice guys who share your interests. But let them know you don't want to get very serious or you might hurt their feelings.