Is it better to text or email?

The guy I have been dating for a little while is distancing himself. When we aren't together, we text (not talk on the phone). Over the past week, he's not as quick to answer my texts, he's not suggesting we hang out anymore and he did not respond to my most recent text 2 days ago of "How's your weekend going?" I've been thinking that I want to let him know what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling---mostly that I enjoy doing things with him, being close to him and I'd really like to continue dating. And then let him decide if he feels the same.

Is it better to say something like that through a text or an email? Or does that even matter? I would prefer face-to-face, but I don't think I'm going to get the chance to do that.


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  • I would say don't read into it too much because some people just don't like connecting over the phone... my ex, for example. would take hours to text me back or send one word responses and I would be all paranoid he was upset. But when I saw him in person he'd be all excited and happy... he said he just doesn't pay attention to that kind of contact, that he only really connects in person.

    That being said, if you notice a considerable change (he used to text you a lot but now he doesn't), then I would say he is distancing himself because maybe he isn't as interested as before.

    Of course it would be better in person, but if you can't, I'd say do it over text since that's been your main mode of contact thus far.

    • Thanks. It's hard not to be paranoid. The last time we hung out actually went well. He had a bad day, so he came over and we just relaxed at home. He said he felt much more relaxed when he left and kissed my goodbye. He told me when we first started seeing each other that he's not much of a tester, but he had been texting me a lot the week before. So it was a change. If he still hasn't responded to my last text in a few days, I do want to say something.

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  • I am in a similar situation but the reason why he started distancing himself is because he is an athlete. There is no doubt we like each other. He starting distancing himself because he has a lot of work to do to reach his goal. Its hard to date when you are distracted. I text him because I asked him to call me a couple times before and he didn't. I just asked him what was wrong? He apologized because he thought I thought it was something I did. I told him it wasn't that and that I felt like a stranger. Any way I opened it up to compromise and for him to explain why he started distancing himself. I made sure he knew that I am not a clingy or needy person. I was concerned. Now I am respecting him by giving him space. All I can do is wait for him to respond but in the mean time I am keeping myself busy. Does this help?

  • who texts first you or him?

    • Up until about a week ago, it was pretty equal---more of an ongoing conversation. He probably "checked in" with me more than I did with him. So this past week has been a change. That's why I'm concerned. We hung out a little over a week ago and everything was fine. He had a bad day, so he was less energetic at the beginning of the night, but he came around by the end.

    • ok I wouldn't jump the gun and assume that he is distancing himself from you on purpose. Sometimes guys go into their own little world when they get busy or something is bothering them. You said the last time you got together it was fine so go on that. maybe he is dealing with something, I don't know, but give him about a week to text you- if you two have been regularily texting and you all of a sudden then text if you don't hear from him

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