How would you react if she did this in front of you?

My good friend told me she went on a date last weekend with a nice guy. They were eating something in the park bench and feeding ea. other.

People walk pass and looked/glanced at ea. other quickly. no big deal.

Then a guy, young and good looking walked by them, they kept staring at ea. other like a staring contest, then she couldn't continue and started to cracked up laughing but had to put her head down on her arms away from her date.

Her date was cool about it and said he is not the jealous type and to not flirt w. other guys in front of him.

He also thought the guy may have been someone she knows or an ex.

What do you think?


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  • What exactly are you asking? What we think of the guy who stared at her? or about he reaction upon seeing him?

    • if you are the date oops (the guy who took her out and she staring at another guy)

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    • wow, nice. how old are you? you seem pretty confident :)

      when my friend told me this, I thought she was kinda rude. if I were the guy..i would be like wtf...but she said, he stated the above and that he is not the jealous type. he also said, her face turned all red.

    • I'm 24. Getting old by college standards.

      I think confidence has more to do with whether you are a happy person. So if you have positive thoughts and are happy then you are confident :)

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