My friends got into a fight over dating . Who is right?

My two friends were discussing relationships. My friend said he wants to get a girlfriend because he got accepted into med school and will go next year. Now that he will have a good career. He can date again. He had an ex for two years.

She said that he should get a girlfriend easily because he has a lot going for him and can make a girl laugh and have fun. She described him passionate, athletic and fun something girls want. He denied it and said that girls go for bad boys. She said it may be true but then the heartbroken girl wants a good guy as a backup. The guy got angry and said I am never going to clean up someone elses mess. Then they both stopped talking.

Who is right and whose side should I take.

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  • This question is essentially a rephrasing of "do women like nice guys"

    Both of your friends are right in the sense. There are both girls who got their sh*t together and girls who don't have their sh*t together.

    Thankfully, the good thing, is that you can choose who you date. Even if 50% of women are bad and 50% of women are good, you can still avoid the bad ones and go entirely for the good ones.

    It's only a bad thing if you have poor judgment and can't make that discernment.

  • Honestly, your guy friend seems to know how the world works. Girls do go for the bad boys because they find their confidence more physically and sexually attractive, whereas nice guys usually get friend-zoned because they only meet a girl's emotional needs. So the bad guys get the all the positives of a relationship, the romantic and sexual stuff, while the nice guys not only get the the negatives of a relationship, but none of the positives. It's a lose-lose for nice guys.

    I've always been a nice guy that can't change himself to be a bad boy, and I've had this happen to me far too many times.