Am I losing him or will he come back to me?

A man I´m dating told me that I´m his dreamwoman, but he needs more time (two months ago he broke up with his girlfriend). Otherwise the date was great and he sent me a note thanking for a great time. The other day he saw me in cantine with colleagues and he came to say hello. He even told me earlier that he is serious about me and doesn´t want to screw up anything.

The thing is that he stopped text me and I´m wondering if he is saying that I should move on and forget him or if I just should wait for him. The last date we had was on Thursday and we are seeing each other for a month.

Please help me, I´m desperate and I don´t know how to treat him!


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  • When did you last hear from him? Wait a day or two and casually text him how he's been and how his day was. See what his reply is.

    I understand his situation, being recently single and meeting another person within two months could be a bit soon, depends on how serious the relationship with his ex was. I'd say, don't give up on him just yet, he could need some more time to get over her (because breaking up after a few months of relationship with the words "I'm still not over my ex" is horrible) but he shouldn't assume you'll wait around forever.

    • I met him on Thursday and met him accidentally yesterday. he came immadiately to me, to greet me and talk and told me that he will come back to me (he didn?t). I don?t want to text him, because I asked him to join me for a walk on Saturday and he told me that he needs to take a raincheck, as he was out of the city..

    • So because he was out of the city when you invited him for a walk you're not texting him anymore? That doesn't really make sense to me, to be honest. I'm not saying you should invite him, just a casual "hey, how've you been?" or something like that :)

    • I just forwarded him email with joke, just to cheer him up and don?t make him feel that he is obliged to respond.

  • did he offer that info to you voluntarily or did you ask him about what he thought about you? If he volunteered the info then I would take him for his word and trust him until he proves otherwise. also how many days have passed since he texted you? I think if it were me I would text him one more time to keep the line of communication open and see if he responds. If he doesn't then I would step back and let him have the breathing room he might be asking for until he contacts you again.

    • He brought this up by himself, he told me that he just wanted to be honest with me. I sent him an email today with fun message and he responded. I know that he is going through tough time at work as well. I really want this guy, he is something, exceptional and don?t want to screw this up..

    • then I would give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. He responded to your email which I think is a good sign. Be the cool girl that every man wants and tell you understand.

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