Should I have made out with her, this was the 4th date?

I met this girl 2 weeks ago. We've already been on 4 dates and today was the 4th. The physical contact has slowly escalated from nothing on the first date to bit of arm touching on the 2nd date to a bit more contact on the 3rd date and on the 4th date we kissed each other on the cheeks.

She was giving me all the indications that she wanted to make out tonight , but for some reason I backed out. I feel like I missed out on an opportunitity tonight .

Girls , how would you react if you gave all the signals but the guy didn't make out with you ? Would you be even more intrigued or would you think he's weird ?


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  • I'd be wondering if you liked me. I never make the first move and in this case I wouldn't initiate any texts, phone calls, dates, etc. If I hear from you again then I'd think you must like me, but if not then the question answered itself.


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