Letting them know there's competition?

So there's a few women I talk to alot, some have me friend zoned and some maybe be interested in dating me, would it be a bad idea to casually tell either group of women that I have a date for instance (chick who has me friend zoned: do you want to play some xbox later?

Me: sorry I can't, I've got a date) or does that just make me look like I'm trying to make them jealous?


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  • Yes, and NO. Yes, you portray that you might be seeing other women, by how you act when you're not around them. You NEVER bring up other women, or dates with others in front of a girl. This makes you look like you have no class. While you're with her, you act like she's the only woman, but when you're away from her, you do things to make her question if you're seeing other girls. Get it?

    Another thing, once you're friend zoned...you move on for good. Don't keep coming to a woman who has friend zoned you. Big mistake.

    • Actually, I walked away from the one specific one that friend zoned me and she came back and month later trying to act like nothing happened, but she lied to me and threw me under the bus for another guy several times, and now I'm back to playing xbox witth (online) and she's still with him, she never brings him up, but if I play with her later I'm going to have to give her a good excuse if I'm not going to use a date, for ditching her, just because that's the kind of guy I am

    • You owe her nothing! She ditched you twice! Don't be the dreaded "nice" guy.

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  • It can work, but it can also blow up in your face. It's definitely risky.

  • Ignore them. They hate that.