Is the whole thing over? Is is worth trying to salvage?

I apologize for incoming wall of text ill try and keep it short. Need some advice from guys or girls.

For some background I've been kinda seeing/hanging out with this girl for a couple of weeks now. We've been out a few times usually not really planned in advance just night of type of things. Had sex a couple of times.

Anyway, the other night out at the bar with some friends and I ended up very drunk and there was some unrelated dram that happened that night so I was kinda already in a weird mood. Anyway, I run into the girl at the bar. I didn't make plans with her and wasn't really planning on seeing her that night.

Ran into her and we got to talking. As mentioned before I was very drunk and memory wasn't so good. I don't exactly remember the specifics of the conversation but I ended up totally overreacting to some stuff that happened in the previous week and I ended up acting like a total d!ck, in her words. We texted a little bit throughout the night but about nothing really important.

I didn't really contact her for the next day because I felt bad about the whole thing. The day after not talking she text me with a big text message basically kinda defending herself against the thjngs I don't really remember saying. She sounded very sarcastic in the text but its hard to tell through a text. I responded a bit later basically saying I was drunk, I overrated, I sorry. She never responded after that.

I guess it's a new situation from me and I don't really no where to go from here. Is the whole thing over? Is is worth trying to salvage? Do I text her first or wait for her? If I text her, what do I text her. Is it better to just leave it and walk away? Just a few questions I have and would love some advise on


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  • The biggest question and Dazed said it- is she worth it? Is there something about her that you think you need to keep around or want to? Or is it just because you feel bad about what happened (which isn't a bad thing) and want to wipe the slate? In either case, unless you just want to bring her back for sex and don't care, listen to Kambo. To a tee! Get together with her, have a face to face conversation and tell her you didn't even remember what was said, but you knew you overreacted, and let her know you know you were a jerk.

    If she doesn't answer, just let it go and move on.

    However, don't worry about getting belligerently drunk (unless of course you do it often and then do worry and change it!), because it happens to the best of us every once in a while!


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  • Text her saying you would like to meet up, clear the space, and acknowledge you were being a jerk.

    If she doesn't respond to you or doesn't take your offer, cut your losses, take it as a learning experience.

    Hold your liquor next time like an intelligent, responsible adult.

  • i'd text once more saying, I don't remember what I said, but I hope you can forgive me. yes, this gives her some power over you, but is she worth it? if she don't hear from her, she could still be hurting, or she may have moved on. in the future pace yourself, on the drinking.

  • I think it was over before it ever started. You gave her sex. Gave her the whole store before she ever had to work for it. The excitment took a hit after sex, and then your drunkeness dropped it even lower. There's really nothing you can do. If the sex was awesome, she'll call and want more.