Simple case of me over thinking the situation?

Last time I saw her was10 years ago. We follow each other on instagram. I like the photos she puts up of herself and she usually likes my pictures. Two weeks ago she commented on a pic of me and my little sister "how cute, your sister looks great in her dress". I sent her a message on Facebook last year asking hows she doing and catching up.

I told her she's looking good and I sent her my phone number and said to her if she wants to hang out to text me, she said OK but never did.It was my birthday on Saturday and this girl wrote on my Facebook "happy birthdayyyy, I wish you all the best , have a nice day, enjoy yourself xxx :)". I replied "thank you and hope everything's OK with you and your doing well:)". She replied "ur welcome:)" then I did ";p". I'm used to xox.


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  • I'm not quite sure what your question is :/


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