How do I talk to my ex again and possibly date again without ruining things?

my ex and I have started talking to each other again. how do I talkto him again and possibly date again without ruining things?

we talked for several years off and on but became official for only a few months. we had small arguments but later a large one that caused the breakup because I found out he was texting another girl. I don't know if I should give this relationship another chance its just very hard to get over him :/


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  • How long were you guys dating? And what went wrong/cause of break up.

    • Was he texting her romantically?

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    • yeah I never asked I'm not sure why he even said it to begin with. he never was shy towards anyone really

    • I don't know either.

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  • You should never date your ex, you broke up for a reason...

    Talk to him like you would a friend and take the relationship further from there.