He made it clear that he wants to marry me!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months. He was previously married but while he was in the service his wife cheated on him with multiple men. He tried to make it last for his kids' sake but it never worked out. Since we started dating it's been going really well. His kids adore me and they feel like my own, his family is nice, he's ambitious and we're both head over heels for each other. He married his ex-wife when he was twenty and they divorced three years later.

One thing he made it clear to me that now that he's older, he's 26, it's easier to understand the difference between someone who's there at the time and the one you are destined to be with. There were even moments where he teared up a little when he tells me he loves me or when he starts to go on one of his speeches of how I'm the best thing in his life.

His mom slipped the other day when I was leaving and said, "looks like your son needs me for a moment". Then she chuckled and said, "Hun, he wants you longer than that."

Later that day I laughed at his contacts and pointed out that my last name wasn't by my name and he said, "I don't care for your last name, I want to give you a new one". We soon after had a long conversation and asked how I would react if he wanted to propose to me before we dated for a year. I chuckled at him and told him to wait until we have been dating a year before you ask but he told me flat out he wasn't going to be that patient.

I love him and I know he's the one too! However, I feel more comfortable if he waited till our year anniversary. Am I being ridiculous because we know what's going on and it doesn't matter if it's eight or nine months of dating? Or am I being reasonable? I've never thought I was the marriageable type before!


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  • You want to know someone at LEAST a year before considering marrying them. You have to know how you're going to cope with the boring marriage life which comes after the honeymoon period of a relationship (6-18 months). I would strongly advise that you make sure marriage is the right decision. That being said, some people get married much sooner and live long, happy lives together. I'm just more cautious than the average person, I guess.


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  • I understand the not wanting to rush getting married part. If its something you're not comfortable with just make it clear to him. It sounds like he really loves you and as long as you highlight that you do love him but just are not ready for that step yet, he should be fine with that decision.

    If it does get to the point where he really pushes engagement and its something you will consider, just have a really long engagement. Make it like a compromise. Good luck!

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  • I think it's important to be cautious. And, also, if you love him just say yes, but just put the wedding date far enough back, so if you change your mind you can without divorce papers.