Text and Emails but no phone...hmmm

I've like this guy but he says he doesn't like talking on the phone. he sends me texts and emails but never any phone calls..

is this super bad?

how do I get him to talk on the phone


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  • Nope, I don't think it's bad, my boyfriend's the same way. . . he told me he doesn't feel comfortable talking on the phone at all, except with his mom.

    Quite honestly, I always feel uncomfortable on the phone, too. . . so it all works out for the two of us, haha.

    As for you, you could try calling him, I suppose? Or just explain that you'd like to talk on the phone more. But if he doesn't seem into it at all. . . I wouldn't push it.

    • Thanks I have called but he just texts me after he doesn't answer

    • Just ask him about it some other way then, either in person or through e-mail. Like I said, don't push it if he resists a lot... and yeah, good luck :]

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  • I was the same at one point. There's nothing wrong with it, he probably just feels uncomfortable. Don't worry about it =]


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  • When you are texting, say something like "I have to go but you can call me later". He should start to get the message.

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