Asked out on a date but still inlove with my ex, advice?

I still love my ex boyfriend, he was my first love and no one will ever replace him, I still hope that one day he will understand that he still loves me and date me again.

6 months have passed already since we broke up and now someone has asked me out. I don't know if I should go on a date with him or not. I want to get over my ex, but I'm just not sure.. What if my ex is thinking about us getting back together and I start dating the other guy. What should I do?


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  • Sometimes you have to move on even though your old relationship have not. Try out if you can date someone else with the though that you just got out of the relationship and say to the other guy that you are going to have some trouble with a new relationship but if he wants to work with you on that maybe you can date him.

    • Thank you, I thought that it was wrong to move if I still loved him but I guess you are right and I will definatley call my date.

What Girls Said 1

  • Go on the date with the other guy. It's been 6 months, what does your ex want you to do, put your dating life on hold just in case he may change his mind about you? If he would change his mind, I personally think he had time enough. You say "one day he will understand that he loves me", OK, I understand your thinking, but you should know that there's a chance that he doesn't love you (as much) anymore now, if he would, he would've already contact you and asked to get back together. I say: go out on the date, maybe even more, and try to forget your ex. He had six months already, it's time to think about yourself and your future, and not put your life on hold for someone who may not even come back.

    • Thank you, you have just convinced me. Thank you really, everyone has been trying to make me move on but I never listened until now, so thank you.

    • People can tell you lots of things, but if you don't make the click in your mind, nothing will change. Good luck with your date!