How to deal with very upseting experience with girl I knew?

meet this girl from hometown earlier this year , things were cool for a bit and then weird and then back to cool . we never actually dated but I had feelings for her and really liked her . then a month ago things went sour and then on weekend I saw her again and we got into a fight and she doesn't want anything to do with me now so I was really upset about this , I'm really upset about the experience and know I will miss her a lot and not sure what to do about my feelings . I want to move on and have meet some other girls but just not happy about things and really upset about her

so I don't know should I try and find a new girl who is more interested in me than she was ? or just forgot about dating till I feel better or find something else to do with life than keeps me busy ?


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  • Yeah, it's generally a good idea to put effort into a relationship with a girl who reciprocates.


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  • I would talk to her. Better if you have a friend of hers that will help... Mayber she was on her cylcle? you nust don't know. Ask her what the? Just don't listen to these people on gag trust your instinctrs. Try what else do you have to lose?

    • she definity doesn't want to talk to me , I tried to talk to one of her gf's and sent her a message but basically going to give this girl some space and not have any contact with her for a bit until she returns to more sensible mood

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    • and jealously , even among girls who are friends with each other I was dealing with that , one would be jealous I talked to another girl or such or sent one an email . it just goes on , girls just seem fixated on being jealous over something even if they don't want to date the guy . I had girls jealous I'd be talking to another girl yet when I'd hit on the same girl who was jealous she wouldn't go for me it made no sense

    • make that a question.. your only allowed to hit on one girl.. but you talk to them all don't make a one girl choice... ask girls here how to approach girls... switch your questions up but on the same question or like how to not get girls to.. then you'll learn your problems your rep is everything... bring a new girl in to them ask that as a question...