What are the "rules" for calling the girl you are interested in?

all this talk about calling, and not texting, it 's kind of odd for me. How do you know when you should call the girl you like? I'm 23, never been great with woman. But there is a girl I like alot, I've asked her out twice through text, but she canceled the first because she rode with a friend to class and was stuck, and the second time she had to work on the day I wanted to do something.

So the next time I decide that I would like to try to go on a date with her would I get better results by calling?

I mean what are the "rules" on giving the girl you are interested in a call?


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  • Forget the rules, call her. Brace yourself, she might reject you considering she already put you off twice. But love is worth the risk! -Good luck.


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  • it definitely shows more interest on your part when you call.

  • I think calling would be a good idea. When you text, it gives her time to think of something to say. When you call, she's kind of put on the spot. Know what I mean? Plus, calling is actually really respectful. I'm kinda a good girl so I'm attracted to gentlemen and I think that's a good move.

    • So should I give her a call tonight, just to talk. I mean she already knows that I am looking for more then just a f***. I know if I go with this, it could either go really well or crash and burn lol. So do I call only to ask her on a date, or call just the talk the first time?

    • Hmm, good question. I think you should call just about the date. If you call just to talk it could take forever for you to ask her and may even keep you from not asking her out.

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  • There are no rules, this is real life not Hollywood.

    Just call her and say, when are you free to go a date with me. If she keeps cancelling, forget the whole thing, she's not interested.