How does dating work in college?

I now go to a pretty normal school, so I'm wondering how dating works. I don't really care for frat parties I don't mind dorm parties and stuff. But say you don't see a girl all the often but want to see her again sometime. how do I go about doing that? it seems like such an easy thing to do but I just don't know how to approach it


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  • When you see her next tell her you would like to know more about her and ask her out to a cafe on campus or something. Maybe add her on Facebook and ask her if she would like to walk around campus with you, there's tons of things you can do at your college which are just casual hangouts where you can get to know one another. Just be casual, its not abnormal for people to ask other people to hang out at college, everyone is pretty much in the same position where you're all trying to get to know more people and make new friends. Good luck and hope this helps :)!