Do you date one person at a time, multiple, take breaks in between, do you mind seeing/dating someone who's

Do you date one person at a time, multiple, take breaks in between, do you mind seeing/dating someone who's seeing/dating other people while seeing/ dating you.

plz specify what your dating rituals are!

  • I date multiple people at a time.
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  • I see multiple people at a time, then pick the best person and date them.
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  • I date one person at a time,take a break before dating someone new.
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  • I date one person at a time, don't take breaks before dating someone new.
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  • I don't mind seeing/dating a person who's also seeing other people.
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  • If I don't have a girlfriend, then I don't limit myself to dating just one person at a time.

    If I have a girlfriend, then usually I don't date another girl unless the other has something significantly better to offer.

    If the girl is seeing or dating someone else, I'm okay with it even if she is engaged or married.

    I don't mind the girl I'm dating or seeing to go out with others as she must be free to select the guy she likes most.

    Usually once it's the 3rd date then it is time to be sexual even if she is seeing someone else or in a relationship,


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What Guys Said 2

  • I date one person at a time and take as short a break as possible in between dating. I'm kind of a faithful one woman guy, at the same time if the thing ends I'm not one to dwell on it even if I'm upset.

    • how short is your break? and are you OK dating a girl who does not take breaks in between?

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    • would nt there would be a difference if you're emotionally involved or not?so would you date a girl who was dating someone she was really emotionally involved with and she just broke up with him?

    • Depends on the person, I've been in relationships were I've liked the person a lot. But I'll still date someone right after, it doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me emotionally because it does. In fact one or two people I've dated have been annoyed at the fact that I'd rather move on quickly. But then I'm like, you're the one who broke up with me and sometimes they want to date someone else. It's like would you rather I mope about for months over you? So to answer, Yes I'd still date a her.

  • I think it's perfectly fine to date several people at once, as long as it's early on. For example, it's okay to have three first or second dates in a week. You barely know them, you don't have any obligation to stay exclusive to them. But once there's some chemistry, I narrow it out to one because I don't think it's fair to date several people at the same time, for months lets say.

    My dating patterns aren't consistent. One month I can date several girls and then I could go 4 months without a date.

    • if you establish some connection with person in your work place let's say, and you're interested in them, would you pursue other people or online dating, while you're trying to ask the person at your work place out?

      in short, if you already like someone, do you date other people for other reasons?

    • yes, at first. because if that person decides we're not a fit, I'll still have another person I could see if things work out with. I mean if its just a co-worker I like and I've only dated her once (or not at all even), there's nothing wrong with asking someone else out too. but once its decided that me and that coworker are likely a match, I won't go out and date other people. you may like someone, but it takes time to tell if you two are actually a match or not

What Girls Said 2

  • I try to date multiple people at the time.

    But there usually just this one dude who wants me all to himself, and if I like him enough. I do dropped the other men.. because eh?

  • I date one person at a time and then take some time off (usually a couple months to a year) before dating someone new.

    While I am dating that one person, I expect that they are only dating me. I am one of those "serious" relationship people. If I start dating someone, I specify that if we are to date, it is to be exclusive and that I am dating them with the intention of finding a spouse.

    I don't date for fun (although dating is a lot of fun), I date with a purpose of finding a husband.

    • is it because you need that time(few months to a year) or for other reasons?

      and do you tell the person before you go out with them that you expect them not to be seeing anyone else? there is guy who's been showing extensive interest in me for months for not making a move, when he makes his move can I tell him that I will only date him if he wasnot involved with someone else when he was showing interest, because I think it's the same concept?

    • I just take the time because I don't mind being single and I want to make sure I get myself together again before I get in another relationship. As for your situation, sure you can tell him that.

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